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    Fall 2020 Programs

      All classes are virtual. Registration ends Sunday, September 27th.


    Drama Kids

    Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 | 9/30-12/16 | $70 per month | Grades K-5

    Registration: https://dramakids.com/ashburn-leesburg-va/online-summer-camps-and-classes/

    The Drama Kids program provides a rich, high-quality dramatic arts curriculum for children. We offer programs for children of all ages and experience levels. Unlike most other drama programs where children simply memorize and recite lines for a performance, the Drama Kids program utilizes fun, creative, and interactive activities that focus on the child rather than a character, to improve communication skills and build confidence and self-esteem.

    Kaizen Karate

    Tuesdays 3:30-4:30 | 9/29-11/17 | $80 | Grades K-5

    Registration: http://kaizenkaratemd.sportssignup.com/site/ | Select Virtual Karate Classes - Liberty ES - Fall 2020.

    This class is designed for all belt levels ages 5 -12. Students learn the basic levels of martial arts while participating in a fun, exciting atmosphere. Class is tailored to student’s individual needs and helps them grow to their fullest potential possible. Karate classes not only focus on instruction, but also learning valuable lessons related to discipline, motivation, self-control, and continual improvement. 

    Notes 'n Beats

    Registration: https://www.notesnbeats.com/asep

    Intro to Voice and Song – Mondays 3:00-4:00| $75 per month | Grades 3-5.

    In this program, students will be introduced to the various elements of a SONG and various aspects of SINGING in a SMALL group setting. The goal of this program will be to teach several techniques to explore concepts such as dynamics, voice projection, breath control for improved tonal quality, etc.  These techniques are taught through songs and voice exercises that will be fun and interactive for a young child.  Classes are structured in small groups so that more attention is given to the student as they progress in their musical journey. Parents receive regular updates about the class.

    Early Notes & Beats - Wednesdays 3:00-3:30 or 3:30-4:00 | $75 per month | Grades K-2

    Music introduction to early minds has proven to be beneficial to the child's development in many ways - enrichment of sensory skills, enhancement of neural connections, better ability to focus and application of creative senses.  Never mind all of that - It is simply FUN!  In this program, children will explore many sounds and rhythms through various vocal exercises and instruments. By the end of the session, children would have learned to sing small songs and identify basic rhythms.

    Private 1-1 Classes – Day & time scheduled | $135 per month | Grades K-5 | Instrument required

    Be it Piano or Guitar or Drums or Violin or Voice, getting trained the right way is crucial.  A structured program that develops the child’s ability to learn and progress in a methodical way is essential for music education.  And don't forget the fun!  With a fun and engaging way of learning that comprises regular lessons and performance opportunities, Notes n’ Beats offers highly qualified teachers for your music journey.

    Silver Knights

    Multiple class times available | $79 per month (main plan)

    Registration: https://www.chess.skenrichment.com/ | Save $15 the first month using code liberty2020

    Our friends at Silver Knights are offering an online chess program with flexible scheduling! Students can join live small group classes to play with other kids their age and skill level! The game of chess helps students learn to concentrate, think logically, overcome obstacles, spot patterns and categorize information. Let’s get our children’s brains in gear and join the club with our friends at Silver Knights!


    Questions? Contact afterschool@liberty-pta.com.

    Thank you for your support!