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    1.  ActivInspire Manual
    2.  Training Videos - Atomic Learning 83 videos covering ActivInspire
    • ActivInspire Intro
    • ActiveInspire Studio/Primary Basics
    • ActiveInspire Studio/Primary Browsers
    • Flipcharts
    • Objects
    • Action and Interaction
    • Resources
    • Tools
    • Profiles

    3.  Guides - Frederick County Public Schools

    • Tutorials and Resources (7)
    • Quick Guides for creating Flipcharts in Inspire (11)
    • Quick Tips (32)

    4.  Online Courses -My Learning Plan - Forms - Online Training

    • Introduction to ActivInspire (3 hour) - This course introduces the main features of ActivInspire. You will learn the basic skills required to create simple, interactive flipcharts
    • ActiveInspire Level I Skills Course (10 hour) - This course covers the main features of ActivInspire in detail, including some of the more advanced features of the software. When you have worked through and understood the tutorials you can attempt the assessments. Successful completion of the assessments and a flipchart upload will award you the ActivInspire Advanced Skills Transcript


Last Modified on January 22, 2010