• Appeals

    It is extremely important that parents/guardians speak with the SEARCH teacher (elementary) or SPECTRUM teacher (middle school) at your child's school prior to appealing an ineligibility decision. The SEARCH or SPECTRUM teacher can provide vital information that will guide parents/guardians through the appeal process.  
    If you plan to appeal an ineligibility decision, please follow these steps:
    1.  Set up an appointment to meet with the SEARCH (elementary) or SPECTRUM (middle school) teacher at your child's school. 
    2.  Mail an appeal request form to the Supervisor of Gifted Education within 10 days of receiving the ineligibility decision letter. Click below to access the form. (You may mail the form before your scheduled meeting with the SEARCH/SPECTRUM teacher.)
    3.  Begin collecting the necessary documents to include in the appeal package. Once the appeal request form is processed by the Gifted Education Office, you will receive a letter stating when these documents will need to be mailed to the Gifted Education Office.
Last Modified on May 31, 2018