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    The goal of the Drama/Theatre department  is to provide students with a diverse experience during their four years at Broad Run, hopefully preparing them for a variety of opportunities in and out of the theatre, after high school.
    We will work together in a collaborative and supportive manor to help all our stars shine! (Yeah, I know, that was cheesy. But, cheese makes the world go round, or does it make it taste better... ehh, either way, it's good!)
    We will try our best to give everyone an opportunity to participate in some way, and to help them feel confident in the work they are doing. We will also be supportive of our theatre community elsewhere in LCPS.
    The Drama Department offers four (maybe 5) levels of Theatre study & Tech Theatre. If you enjoy performing, or dabbling in theatre, you may want to choose one of our electives, so that you can do more of it, during the school day.
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    You can also click some of the links on the left to learn more about the director/teacher, auditions and other ways to participate, or helpful links.  Maybe join a committee or two!