• Read to your child everyday. Model your own fluent reading as you read and reread books with your child. Even though your child may be able to read own his own continue to find time each day to read books that are just beyond their reading level. Your child will enjoy listening to more advanced stories and will hear a great example of fluent reading.      
          Read Aloud Tips
        * Read above your child's intellectual level and challenge their mind
         * Set aside at least one traditional time each day for a story
         * As you read, keep your listeners involved by asking a question
         * Before you begin always annouce the title, author and illustrator's 
         * Use plenty of expression when reading
         * Read slowly enough so your child can build mental pictures in his mind
         * Allow time for home discussion after the story has been read
         * Don't read stories you don't enjoy yourself
         * Don't overwhelm your reader. Never read above your child's emotional