•  Participation


    Grading Policy

    · Grades 1-5 will meet with the PE Specialists 3 times a week. This year one PE class a week will be outside of the gym.

    · Students are expected to dress in appropriate, comfortable clothes and wear proper athletic shoes for safe participation.  All shoes must have rubber soles and have no openings except for where the foot fits into the shoe.

    · In the event participation is limited due to a medical condition, please notify the PE Specialist in writing.  After three consecutive days of missed PE, a medical note is required.  We encourage medical excuses to include both what the child may and may not do and when they can return to regular physical activity.

    · If a child must sit out of PE due to improper behavior or attire, a parent will be contacted.. The child will be required to complete a physical education related assignment during that PE class.

    · Students will be receiving 2 different grades in Physical Education.  
    1) Demonstrates skills and content taught

    2) Demonstrates appropriate  behavior and safe practices.

    · These grades are based on Learning Progression Scale (LPS) – A description of skills, understandings and knowledge listed in the sequence in which they typically develop and, in Loudoun County, assigned numerical symbols of:

    4 - Exceeds standard (E)*

    3 - Meets standard (M)*

    2 - Progressing toward standard (P)*

    1 - Below standard (B)*

    *- letters in parentheses correspond to K-2 progress indicators

    In Physical Education, it is very difficult to ‘Exceed a standard’ in a skill in the first quarter. We are developing skills throughout the year and throughout elementary school.


    · We will be keeping a daily behavior log.  If your child behaves inappropriately more than 3 times during a quarter, it will not be possible to receive a 4.  You will be informed when behavior is not appropriate after the 3 times.

    · We encourage your child to bring a water bottle to school each day, especially to PE.