• Good readers use many reading strategies to help them read!

    Beanie Baby Decoding Strategies

    Chunky Monkey - Chunk the word.

    ·         Look for a chunk you know (-ing, -and, -art)

    ·         Look for a word part you know (be-, -er)

    Skippy Frog - Skip it, Skip it!

    ·         Skip the word.

    ·         Read to the end of the sentence.

    ·         Hop back and re-read it.

    Stretchy Snake - Stretch out the word

    ·         Stretch the word out slowly.

    ·         Put the sounds together to figure out the word.

    Eagle Eye - Look at the picture

    ·         Look at the pictures for clues to help figure out the word.

    Lips the Fish - Get your lips ready

    ·         Say the first few sounds of the word out loud.

    Flippy Dolphin - Flip the Vowel Sound

    ·         Try the other vowel sound.

    ·         Flip a short sound for a long sound and vice versa.

    Peeking Poodle - Check the picture and check the words.

    ·         Look back and forth at the pictures and the words.

    ·         Does it look right?

    ·         Does it sound right?

    ·         Does it make sense?
    Beanie Baby Comprehension Strategies

    Kit-Kat Connector - Make connections

    ·        Text to text

    ·        Text to self

    ·        Text to world


    Questioning Owl - Ask questions as you read

    ·        Ask questions before, during and after.

    ·        Who? What? Where? Why?


    Repair Bear - Monitor and fix-up

    ·        Think when you read so you know when you don’t understand.


    Iggy the Inferring Iguana- Infer as your read

    ·        Make predictions.

    ·        Draw conclusions.

    ·        Reflect while you read.


    Jabber the Reteller- Synthesize and Retell

    ·        Put the information together and think about what you read.

    ·        Retell the story or what you learned in your own words.


    Picturing Penguin - Visualize as you read

    ·        Put pictures in your head as you read.

    ·        See and think about the story like a movie in your mind.


    Digger the Dog - Determine important ideas

    ·        Dig for important details. 

    ·        Dig for information that tells you the author’s message.