Pathways to Reading and Writing….

     The reading program for Loudoun County Public Schools is called Pathways to Reading and Writing. This curriculum applies a comprehensive literacy approach informed by research and best practices in literacy. Instruction integrates reading with thinking, writing, listening. Our goal is to turn children into readers through a high volume of high-success and high-interest reading.

    How is this literacy program conducted in the classroom?

     The students are involved in large group, small group, and independent activities during the Reading (K-5), Writing (K-5) and Phonics (K-2) Units of Study Workshops. Lessons are conducted in the classrooms. The students work on skills such as:

    Phonics (K-2)/Word Study (3-5): Letter and sound relationships and how they are used in reading and writing.

    Fluency - the ability to speak or write a foreign language easily and accurately.

    Comprehension: The process of constructing meaning while reading.

    Independent Reading: Students read texts independently with teacher support as needed.  

    Shared reading: Teacher and children read text together, concentrating on targeted skills.

    Guided reading: Teacher guides the reading of small differentiated student groups with appropriate leveled texts.

    Read aloud: Teacher reads text aloud to students to model and focus on skills.

    Writing: Students are engaged in the writing process and produce pieces of writing in many genres.