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    Creighton's Corner has started a Parent Resource Library.  The books are located in the two counselor's offices. Books are purchased through the LCPS Counseling Department, Creighton's Corner, Ms. Helman, and Mrs. Starr.  Please call if you would like to come by and take a look at the selections that we have available in both book and DVD form. For more information about the Parent Resource Library see Ms. Helman or Mrs. Starr in the School Counseling Department. Please read the 2017-2018 Letter at the bottom on how you can help contribute to our resource library!  Always preview the books before reading it with your child.  Some books can be found at the Loudoun County Public Library, on-line retailers (I.e., Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Scholastic, and many more!), or in regular Bookstores.  There are more books out there than can be listed and your child's doctor/dentist can often recommend books too! 


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    Books can be a wonderful way to help kids with common concerns.  These are some of my favorite books that deal with certain topics.  Many of these are incorporated into my classroom guidance lessons.  More will be added later. There are a number of books that are on this list that are read aloud on YouTube, and please preview the site prior to your child viewing any information or book. 
    • Heartprints, by P.K. Hallinan
    • Fill a Bucket, by Carol McCloud & Katherine Martin
    • The Velveteen Rabbit, by Margery Williams
    Celebrating Differences
    • The Sneetches, by Dr. Seuss
    • The Crayon Box that Talked, by Shane DeRolf
    • The Skin You Live In, by Michael Tyler
    • It's OK to be Different, by Todd Parr
    Conflict Resolution
    • The Zax, by Dr. Seuss
    • Hands Are Not for Hitting, by Martine Agassi
    • The Bernstein Bears Get In a Fight, by Stan & Jan Bernstein
    • Enemy Pie, by Derek Munson
    • Each Kindness by E.B. Lewis
    • Bullies Are a Pain in the Brain, by Trevor Romain
    • Loudmouth George and the 6th Grade Bully, by Nancy Carlson
    • The Bernstein Bears and Too Much Teasing, by Stan & Jan Bernstein
    • Was it the Chocolate Pudding? by Levins
    • Ginny Morris and Mom's House, Dad's House by, Gallagher
    • What in the World to Do When Your Parents Divorce, by Winchester & Beyer


    • The Kiss Box, by Bonnie Verburg & Henry Cole
    • My Best Friend, by Mary Ann Rodman
    • What to Do When You Dread Your Bed, by Huebner
    • Being Bella, by Zuzo
    • Sometimes I Feel Like I Don't Have Any Friends, by Zimmerman & Shapiro
    • What to Do When You're Sad and Lonely, by Crist
    • Helping Your Child Overcome Separation and Anxiety or School Refusal, by Eisen
    • What to Do When Good Enough Isn't Good Enough: Perfectionsim, by Greenspon
    • When I Miss You, by Spelman 
    • This Is Me: A Story of Who We Are & Where We Came From, by Jamie Lee Curtis & Laura Cornell
    • I Like Myself! by Karen Beaumont
    • The Red Bow by, Donna Tyson


    • Helping Children Cope with Death by The Dougy Center
    • I Miss You: A First Look at Death, by Thomas
    • When Dinosaurs Die: A Guide to Understanding Death by, Laurie & Marc Brown
    • Rudi's Pond by Eve Bunting (losing a classmate)
    • Always and Forever by Alan Durant
    The American Cancer Society has a phone number and resources too. https://www.cancer.org/american-cancer-society-books.html  Please let us know any concepts your child has heard from you so that we are able to be consistent with our conversations between home and school about this topic. 
    • Nowhere Hair: Explains your cancer and chemo to your kids  by Sue Glader
    • Nana, What's Cancer? by Beverlye Hyman Fead
    • When Someone You Love Has Cancer: A Guide to Help Kids Cope (Elf-Help Books for Kids)  by Alaric Lewis
    • Mom Has Cancer! (Let's Talk About It Series) by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos
    • The Kids' Guide to Mommy's Breast Cancer by, Karyn Stowe

    Parent Resource:

    • The Explosive Child: A New Approach for Understanding and Parenting Easily Frustrated, Chronically Inflexible Children: Ross W. Greene PhD: 0884469375288: Amazon.com: Books
    • The Energetic Brain: Understanding and Managing ADHD: Cecil R. Reynolds, Kimberly J. Vannest, Judith R. Harrison, Sally E. Shaywitz: 9780470615164: Amazon.com: Books

    Parent Lending Library Letter 2017-2018

    Dear Parent/Guardian,


                Creighton’s Corner counselors are happy that you would like to use our resources! If you like the book, please find it at the Loudoun County Public Library or order it on-line and return our copy so we can share it with someone else!  There are more Parent Resources on the book shelfs in both counseling offices.  If the book came home to you in an envelope, we have logged to know the location. Please return the book(s) in the same envelope to your child’s teacher and they will ensure it reaches us.

    Please read the books prior to sharing them with your child to make sure they are appropriate for your family.  You have the choice of selecting just the parts you would like to read and not sharing the entire book with your child.  The books are to help you and your child communicate on different issues and sometimes hard subjects to talk about in a child friendly manner. 

                Please return the books within two weeks so that we can send them home with other children to use with their family.  If you really like a book, we encourage you to purchase your own or, look for them at the Loudoun County Public Library.  Please let your child’s counselor know if you think the book would help others as we will work to purchase additional copies.  We are pleased that the LCPS Counseling Department helps to supply the money for some of books that we have in our library.  In addition, we have purchased books with our own money.  

    You can help build our resource library! We will identify books that we would like to add to this library during each Book Fair to build our resources.  If you have books you would like to donate to our resource library, please send them in with a note to “Donate to the Counselor” to your child’s teacher.  The teacher will make sure that we get the book.  We also can use Amazon or other on-line gift cards to the school earmarked “Counseling” or “Guidance” to further build the resource library.

                 If you need additional counseling resources/referrals, please contact your child’s counselor, look on-line at our CCE website https://www.lcps.org/Domain/9740, and the public library can also help you locate books on specific topics. Thank you for utilizing the Parent Resource Library.



    The Creighton’s Corner Counselors


    Amy Starr (3rd, 4th, & 5th Grade)

    Beth Helman (Kindergarten, 1st, & 2nd Grade)

Last Modified on August 17, 2018