What skills are taught in the CCE Library?

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    Information Literacy Skills are taught during weekly classes at all grade levels. Information literacy is the ability to find and use information effectively. These skills are critical if our students are to become lifelong learners. Creating a society of lifelong learners is the overarching goal behind a strong educational program.
    Information Literacy Standards: 

    Students who are proficient with information literacy skills are those who are able to:
    * Gain access to information, evaluate it critically and utilize the information accurately and

    They also:
    * Pursue information related to their personal interests and appreciate literature and other creative
       expressions of information.
    The information literate student is one who:
    * Contributes in a positive manner to the larger group and recognizes the critical importance of
       information in a democratic society. 

    Such a student is one who:
    * Practices ethical behavior in the use of information and can participate effectively in teams to
       pursue and create information together. 

    The information literate student is one who:
    * seeks excellence in the pursuit and creation of information products.

    Source: Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning. American Library Association. 1998
    Reading Motivation

    Our library program seeks to develop an interest in the act of reading for pleasure and for information purposes by involving students with outstanding children's literature in a variety of ways.  We recognize the vital importance of reading aloud to students and helping students to learn about the literary world that awaits them.
    Collaboration between Classrooms and Library

    The library program supports and implements the LCPS curriculum taught at each grade level.  Teachers and Library Media Specialists work together to streamline the program so that student achievement is enhanced.