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     Library Information


    Kindergarten and first grade students visit the library once per week for a lesson and time to check out books during a 30 minute block of time.   Students in grades 2-5 visit the library every other week for a 45 minute block for a lesson and time to check out books.  2nd and 3rd grade classes visit on the opposite weeks for a 15 minute window to check out books.  4th and 5th grade classes are welcome to visit as needed during open check out.  
    Students are asked to bring all library books to school each week on their scheduled library day and time.  They chose whether to return them or to bring them to class to renew them for an additional 2-week period.  By creating a habit of bringing their materials every week, students are less likely to forget or lose books, resulting in them being overdue.
    The item limits for library books are as follows:
    Kindergarten – 1 Book
    1st and 2nd Grades – 2 Books
    3rd, 4th, and 5th Grades – 3 Books

    Our library maintains an open checkout policy, which means that students may visit the library at any time between 8:30-2:30 as the need arises to check out or exchange library materials. (NOTE: The library is closed from 11:45-12:25 for lunch each day.)  Permission to visit the library is at the classroom teacher’s discretion.
    Library materials are considered overdue two weeks from the checkout date. Parents should check the Friday folder on the last Friday of the month or the week of a new month for a "circulation notice" of any overdue library books.
    If a book (or any other library material) is returned damaged or reported as lost, the borrower will be responsible for the replacement cost of the book. An item is considered damaged if it is returned with any alteration, beyond normal wear and tear, to the condition in which it was checked out. This includes, but is not limited to: missing pages, water damage, marks in a book, or other stains. The borrower has two options for payment of the lost or damaged item:
    The borrower may pay for the item by cash in exact change or a check   
    payable to Creighton’s Corner Elementary, at the price listed in our library
    cataloging system. The librarian will use the money to order replacement.
    If you find and return a lost material after you have paid, we will issue a refund (if the book has not already been replaced). Once we replace an item, we can no longer issue a refund and the item is yours to keep.