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    What if my child forgets to bring his/her books on the class Library Day? Also, what if he/she finishes his/her books before the week is over, would like to exchange for the weekend, or missed a class because of a school holiday?

    Our library schedule allows for students to exchange their books both during their class library time and also freely throughout the week. Students may visit the library anytime between 8:30-2:15 daily for open check out.  
    Please encourage your child to take advantage of these exchange times and to read as much as possible. Smooth and fluent reading and comprehension will pay big rewards in ALL other areas of your child's education.
    What if my child loses or damages a book?

    If a book is lost or damaged and no longer able to be circulated, the book will need to be paid for. Parents may pay by check made payable to Creighton's Corner Elementary School.  Once payment is received, the book will be removed from your child's record and a replacement copy will be ordered.  If the specific book is no longer in print, a similar replacement book will be ordered.
    What happens if I find a book that was lost and paid for?
    If you find a book that was paid for and a replacement copy has not yet been ordered, you may request a refund.  If a replacement copy has been ordered, you may donate the book to the Creighton's Corner Library or add it to your own collection.  Please see the librarian for a refund request.
    How do I contact the librarian?
    Ms. Nace may be reached at school Monday through Friday during school hours at 703-957-4480 or through email at kim.nace@lcps.org. Emails will be responded to within 24 hours.
    How do I sign up to volunteer?
    Volunteers are very important to the library. Volunteers may be asked to help shelve books, help students find books, process books to get them ready for the shelves, or complete a special project for the librarian.  If you are interested in helping in the library please contact Ms. Nace,