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 Social Studies and History Websites


Colonial WilliamsburgResearch on daily life
Resource of Virignia history
Geography facts about Virginia
Virginia Focus5 Regions
Visit the different National Parks in Virginia.
Information about Virginia's Native Americans
Powhatan HistoryHistorical information
Powhatan Indian VillageResearch and information
On the Trail of John SmithInteractive adventure
Interactive JamestownInteractive research
Resources for Jamestown
The Jamestown ChroniclesVideos and resource material
Jamestown SettlementOfficial website for Jamestown Settlement
Jamestown RediscoveryResearch material
Online game about Jamestown
Five Regions ResearchResearch and Information
Colonial Trades Research and Information

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United States of America
50 States Information about 50 states in the U. S. A.
American Memory Research and information from the Library of Congress
Ben's Guide to Government Government for grades K-2
Ben's Guide to Government, Advanced Government for grades 3-5
Civil War for Kids Research for kids
Colonial Kids Research colonial life
Constitution Constitution reference for kids
Democracy Project Interactive democracy activities
Famous People Links to famous people by subject
Go West with Lewis and Clark Interactive adventure
Iditarod Official site of the Iditarod d
Presidential Facts and Trivia Historical information and fun facts
Presidents List of Presidents
Road to Revolution Knowledge game
Sheppardsoftware USA USA Games - Capitals, States, Landscapes
State Games Games of various levels about U. S. geography
The American Revolution Interactive timeline for kids
The First Thanksgiving Learn how the Pilgrims reached America
World History
Ancient CivilizationsResearch and Activities
Research about Ancient Greece
Research and activities
Ancient EgyptBritish Museum of Ancient Egypt
Virtual EgyptInteractive reasearch and activities
Mali Mud ClothHow to make....
Research about Mali
Tomb of the Unknown MummyGame
Research ancient civilizations
Interactive research
 National Geographic Countries research material
Games and Research
 Interactive Social Studies Database of games and activities
This is a portal to other web sites.
GeoSpyGeography games
Geography WorldResearch
AtlapediaMaps, facts and statistics
GeoBeepractice geography bee
Interactive social studies games
Activity game with current events
National Geographic KidsResearch and activities
Games for older students


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Last Modified on November 19, 2015