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    Welcome to Fourth Grade!
    Dear Parents,
    Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year! We have an engaging and enriching school year planned! This year we will help to deepen your students' learning and skills, in order to prepare them for 5th grade and middle school. Your students will explore multiple areas of Virginia Studies and Science, including hands-on activities and real life experiences. Our math curriculum builds upon topics learned in previous grades, yet enhances problem-solving skills. In reading, the curriculum teaches students to analyze the books they read. They will be taught to think and talk about a text in order to understand its deeper meanings. Language arts will focus on developing writing, so that it has clarity and structure. We will work on using reasons, facts and details to support arguments. In 4th grade, we encourage your students to be more independent and take ownership of their learning.
    Here are our 45-day Plans for the first quarter:
     - Math

    We, the 4th grade team, cannot wait to work with you and your students this school year!


    The 4th Grade Team