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     Congratulations Silent Shadows   Congrats OM Team 2015

    For kids who would LIKE to and/or WANT to "think out of the Box" here's your chance to participate in Odyssey of the Mind, an after school Program. Parents: please sign up your child/children by sending an email to arcola.odyssey@gmail.com with your child's Name and Grade. Please remember, it's "First come First Basis". To Parents: Please consider/volunteer to COACH. Would highly appreciate Parents to send me an email who are interested in coaching. 
    On February 28th, six of our Odyssey of the Mind Arcola Teams competed at Odyssey of Mind's Region 14 Tournament at John Champe HS. They had over 60 Loudoun Elementary Schools who competed and over 600 total students participated. Two of our Dragon Teams WON! Thank you to our OM Coordinator, Smitha Satish and to all the Arcola OM Coaches, Volunteers and Judges who helped make this a memorable experience for the students. For more details about Odyssey of the Mind, visit link below.
    Congratulations to the following winning OM Teams:
    Won 2nd Place in Division 1B- Problem Silent Movie - Coach Herninia Choochan and Assistant Coach Shaalini Desai
    • Calvin Palatt -3rd Gr
    • Nithin Reddy Avala - 4th Gr
    • Anna Begley - 4th Gr
    • Yasseen Sama - 4th Gr
    • Jacob Choochan - 4th Gr
    • Devanghi Misra - 5th Gr
    • Aashay Desai - 5th Gr
    Won 3rd Place in Division 1A- Problem Pandora's Box - Coach Madhavi Parimi
    (All in 4th Gr)
    • Haarika Nandula
    • Nitya Ganta
    • Pragati Anadarajan
    • Yoshita Mahesh
    • Sumedha Golla
    • Sanjana Gummalla

    Odyssey of the Mind teaches students how to think divergently by tapping into creativity, and through encouraging imaginative paths to problem-solving, students learn skills that will provide them with the ability to solve problems -- great and small -- for a lifetime.

    This worldwide educational program is open to students of all ages--from kindergarten and beyond! For additional information on this program please visit Odyssey of the Mind Website. 
    Reminder to register your child to participate in this program, at the beginning of the school year. Preference given to earliest registrants with total coach volunteers.


    Odyssey of the Mind Coordinator 
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