When a student is absent from school, documentation is required to verify the reason for the absence. Parents or guardians are required to notify the school the day of the absence. This may be done through the school’s Absentee Phone-in line (703) 957-4391 or e-mail at Ellen.Austin@lcps.org. Any absence not confirmed by the parent will be considered unexcused. If the parent has not called the school to verify the absence, the school will make a reasonable effort to call the parent to verify the day’s absence. Upon the student’s return to school, a written explanation from a parent or guardian is required for each absence.  The note should include: date(s) of the absence, reason for the absence, and signature of the parent/guardian.

     Students are excused for personal illness, a death in the family, medical or dental appointments, court appearances, religious holidays, illness in the immediate family, or emergencies that require the student to be absent.

    If a student is absent for more than 10 days or 10% of the total number of accrued days, whichever is determined appropriate by the principal, the school will send a letter to the parents requiring a physician’s note for all further absences. At the principal’s discretion, contact may be made sooner or waived due to extenuating circumstances.

    At the point at which a student accumulates 5 unexcused absences, a referral will be made to the Attendance Officer.

    Occasional tardiness for valid reasons is not a serious offense; however, repeated or habitual tardiness encourages the formation of undesirable personal habits and disrupts the orderly instructional process of the school. When a student arrives tardy, parents must escort their child to the office and assist him/her in obtaining a tardy pass to class. This is required to ensure the safety and well-being of the student.  In addition, the school may require the parent or guardian to provide justification to determine the reason for the student’s tardiness. If this does not occur and documentation is not provided by the parent, as to the reason for the tardy, the tardy may be considered unexcused. If a student is tardy more than 10 times, a letter will be sent to the parent as notification of the school’s concern and a physician’s note may be required. If the pattern of tardiness does not improve a referral will be made to the Attendance Officer.



Last Modified on January 25, 2018