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    http://regentsprep.org/Regents/core/questions/topics.cfm?Course=GLOB – to be used for World 2

    http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBDA2E52FB1EF80C9 – crash courses for World 1 (#1-20) and World 2 (#20-40)

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    World History and Geography II     

    SOL Review Packet- Covers essential knowledge on SOL


    1.      What was the Renaissance?


    2.      Why did the Renaissance begin in Italy?


    3.      Why did the Renaissance spread to Northern Europe?


    4.      Who was Michelangelo?


    5.      Who were the Medici?


    6.      Who was Leonardo da Vinci?


    7.      Who was Shakespeare?


    8.      What is humanism?


    9.      Who was Erasmus?


    10.  Describe the major trade routes that linked Europe with Asia and Africa.


    11.  What was the Silk Road?


    12.  What important trade items were offered by the Chinese?


    13.  Who invented the printing press and why was it so important?


    14.  What conflicts challenged the authority of the Church in Rome?


    15.  Why was Martin Luther so significant to the Reformation?


    16.  Who was John Calvin?


    17.  Who was Henry VIII?


    18.  Describe the Reformation in Germany.


    19.  Who were the Hapsburgs?


    20.  What was the Thirty Years War?


    21.  How did the Anglican Church come into existence?


    22.  Who were the Huguenots?


    23.  What was the Edict of Nantes?


    24.  Who was Cardinal Richelieu?


    25.  What was the Counter Reformation?


    26.  Who were the Jesuits?


    27.  What was the Inquisition?


    28.  What factors contributed to the European discovery of land in the Western Hemisphere?


    29.  Who was Prince Henry the Navigator?


    30.  Who was Vasco da Gama?


    31.  Who was Christopher Columbus?


    32.  Who was Hernando Cortez?


    33.  Who was Francisco Pizarro?


    34.  Who was Ferdinand Magellan?


    35.  Who was Sir Francis Drake?


    36.  Who was Jacques Cartier?


    37.  How did Christianity spread to the “New World?”


    38.  What led to the demise of the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayas?


    39.  Describe the rigid class system in Latin America.


    40.  What is a colony?


    41.  What was the Middle Passage?


    42.  Why did Europeans turn to Africa for slaves?


    43.  What was the Columbian Exchange?


    44.  Where was the Ottoman Empire located?


    45.  What is the importance of the Ottoman Empire? (what contributions did they make?)


    46.  Where was the Mughal Empire located?


    47.  What is the importance of the Mughal Empire? (what contributions did they make?)


    48.  Describe the class system in Japan (shogunate).


    49.  Why did the Japanese and Chinese stay relatively isolated from Europe?


    50.  What is mercantilism?


    51.  What is the Commercial Revolution?


    52.  Who was Nicolaus Copernicus?


    53.  Who was Johannes Kepler?


    54.  Who was Galileo Galilei?


    55.  Who was Isaac Newton?


    56.  Who was William Harvey?


    57.  What was the Scientific Revolution?


    58.  What is absolutism and divine right?


    59.  Who was the Sun King?


    60.  Who was Louis XVI?


    61.  Who was Frederick the Great?


    62.  Who was Peter the Great?


    63.  How did the English Civil War promote the rights of Englishmen?


    64.  How did the Glorious Revolution promote the rights of Englishmen?


    65.  Who was Oliver Cromwell?


    66.  What was the Restoration?


    67.  What was the English Bill of Rights of 1689?


    68.  What was the Enlightenment?


    69.  Who was Thomas Hobbes?


    70.  Who was John Locke?


    71.  Who was Montesquieu?


    72.  Who was Jean-Jacques Rousseau?


    73.  Who was Voltaire?


    74.  How did the Enlightenment influence Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence?


    75.  How did the Enlightenment influence the US Constitution and Bill of Rights?


    76.  What were the causes of the French Revolution?


    77. What was the Reign of Terror?


    78. What were the outcomes of the French Revolution?


    79. What influence did the American and French Revolutions have on colonies?


    1. Who was Toussaint L’Ouverture?


    1. Who was Simon Bolivar?


    1. Who was Johann Sebastian Bach?


    1. Who was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?


    1. Who was Eugene Delacroix?


    1. Who was Voltaire?


    1. Who was Miguel de Cervantes?


    1. Who was Napoleon?


    1. What was the Napoleonic Code?


    1. What happened at the Congress of Vienna?


    1. What is the balance of power doctrine?


    1. What is liberalism?


    1. What is conservatism?


    1. What was the significance of the Revolutions of 1848?


    1. Who was Count Cavour?


    1. Who was Giuseppe Garibaldi?


    1. How was Italy unified?


    1. How was Germany unified?


    1. Who was Otto von Bismarck?


    1. What was Realpolitik?


    1. What is the significance of the Franco-Prussian War?


    1. What is the Agricultural Revolution?


    1. What is the Industrial Revolution?


    1. What is the enclosure movement?


    1. What raw materials were important to industrialization?


    1. Why did the Industrial Revolution begin in England?


    1. Who was James Watt?


    1. Who was Eli Whitney?


    1. Who was Henry Bessemer?


    1. Who was Edward Jenner?


    1. Who was Louis Pasteur?


    1. What is urbanization?


    1. What working conditions were workers dissatisfied with?


    1. What is capitalism?


    1. Who wrote Wealth of Nations?


    1. What is laissez-faire?


    1. Who was Karl Marx and what did he write?


    1. What were the benefits of child labor?


    1. What caused the rise of labor unions?


    1. What is collective bargaining?


    1. What benefits do labor unions provide?


    1. What is nationalism?


    1. What is imperialism?


    1. What are protectorates?


    1. What are spheres of influence? (think China)


    1. How was Japan opened to trade in the 19th century?


    1. What is the significance of the Suez Canal?


    1. What was the Boxer Rebellion?


    1. What was the Sepoy Rebellion?


    1. What were the causes of World War I?


    1. What were the major events of WWI?


    1. What were the effects of WWI?


    1. What is the Treaty of Versailles?


    1. Who was Woodrow Wilson?


    1. What is the League of Nations?


    1. What caused the Bolshevik Revolution?


    1. Who is Lenin?


    1. What is communism?


    1. What is the mandate system?


    1. What were the causes of the worldwide depression of the interwar period?


    1. Who was Joseph Stalin? Describe his policies.


    1. Who was Adolf Hitler? Describe his policies.


    1. Who was Benito Mussolini? Describe his policies.


    1. What is fascism?


    1. Explain how Japan was imperialistic prior to and in WWII.


    1. Who was Hideki Tojo? Hirohito?


    1. Who was Douglas Mac Arthur?


    1. Who was Winston Churchill?


    1. Who was Dwight D. Eisenhower?


    1. Who was George Marshall?


    1. What was the Holocaust?


    1. What is genocide?


    1. What was the final solution?


    1. Give two examples of genocide. (other than the Holocaust)


    1. What was D Day?


    1. Who was FDR?  Harry Truman?


    1. Why is the invasion of Poland significant?


    1. Why is Stalingrad significant?


    1. Where were the atomic bombs dropped?


    1. What was the outcome of WWII?


    1. What is the United Nations?


    1. What is NATO?


    1. What is the Iron Curtain?


    1. What happened at Nuremburg?


    1. What was the Yalta Conference?


    1. What is the Marshall Plan?


    1. What is containment?


    1. What was the Cold War?


    1. What was the Cuban Missile Crisis?


    1. What is significant about the Korean War?


    1. What is significant about the Vietnam War?


    1. What is the domino theory?


    1. What is the Warsaw Pact?


    1. What was the Berlin Wall?


    1. Who was Chiang Kai-shek (Jiang Jieshi)? Where did he go?


    1. Who was Mao Tse-tung (Mao Zedong)?


    1. Who was Ho Chi Minh?


    1. Who is Krushchev?  Brezhnev?  Gorbechev?


    1. How did Indian independence come about?


    1. Who was Mohandas Ghandi?


    1. What is civil disobedience and passive resistance?


    1. What divides Pakistan and India?


    1. Explain the independence movements of Africa.


    1. Example of West Africa?


    1. Example of Algeria?


    1. Example of Kenya?


    1. Example of South Africa?


    1. What is apartheid?


    1. Why is the Middle East a world “hot spot”?


    1. Explain the Arab-Israeli conflict.


    1. Explain Judaism. (location?)


    1. Explain Christianity. (location?)


    1. Explain Islam. (location?)


    1. Explain Hinduism. (location?)


    1. Explain Buddhism. (location?)


    1. What is a refugee?


    1. What is the difference between a developed and a developing nation?


    1. What environmental challenges face the world today?


    1. What social challenges face the world today?


    1. What is the European Union?


    1. What is NAFTA?


    1. What is the WTO?


    1. What is the IMF?


    1. Know your geography skills!!!!!!!!

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