Hello my name is Dr. Sherri M. Robinson. It is amazing and wonderful being a teacher in the Loudoun County Public School System. Working with your child every day is a precious gift! Thank you for the opportunity to engage your child in loving to learn.
    Welcome to another wonderful year at Rosa Lee Carter! I am looking forward to working with your child and you! I am excited about becoming a 2nd grade teacher after working as a 4th grade teacher at Rosa Lee Carter for many years. I am a charter staff member and opened Rosa Lee Carter ten years ago. My goal this year will be to continue to develop your child into a lifelong learner.
    I have a doctorate degree in Curriculum, Education and Technology. I am very proud our school embraces technology and the integration into our curriculum. Our class will be participating in BYOT (bring your own technology). Students are free to bring their own devices to the classroom. If you have any questions on technology, please refer to the BYOT  page off of the main Rosa Lee Carter web-page, or contact Mrs. homer our technology resource teacher.
    Thank you for being a part of this exciting year! I look forward to working with your child, Dr. Robinson.
    Email me any time at:  sherri.m.robinson@lcps.org

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