BRH math                                                            

     Dear Parents,


    The Broad Run Math Department is excited for a wonderful 2020-2021 school year.  We are dedicated to the success of your children in math class and look forward to working with them this year.  We would like to use this letter to inform you of what we have in place in order for students to be successful.


    ●     Textbooks – The majority of our textbooks are now online and can be accessed through LCPSGO.  A classroom set will be kept in individual classrooms for use during the school day as needed.   Students will be taught how to access and use their textbooks by their teacher during the first week of school.   

    ●     Extra Help – We are always available to give extra help.  When we return to the building we will house Math Lab in the library during all blocks. In our virtual school we will host Math Lab through a schoology course with more information to come from you student's mathematics teacher by mid September.  

    ●     CalculatorsWe highly recommend that all students in Pre-Calculus and above have their own graphing calculator.  ALL SOL classes will be using the Desmos state graphing calculator available in the math folder in LCPSGO.    It is important for students to learn specific skills in class and practice them while doing homework and studying for tests and quizzes.   Although there are many approved calculators, we recommended purchasing a TI-84 from Texas Instruments since this is the model that will be used in upper level math classrooms and useful on the SAT and AP exams.  Desmos will be accessiblel to everyone through the chromebooks and LCPSGO. 

    ●     Drop Policy – Each year, the Math Department puts thoughtful consideration into the courses that are recommended for each student. The BRHS policy is that schedules will not be changed before the third week of school.  After this time period, if students are considering dropping the course for which they have registered, we will need proof that the content is truly too advanced for the student.  In order to ensure this, the following must be completed before a drop or course change is considered: 

    o     All assignments are turned in and on time.

    o     Student was present and on time for each class.

    o     Student received help from teacher or NHS tutor for at least 5 one-hour sessions.

    o     Parent and student contacted the teacher and a study/homework plan was developed.

    Please be aware that if a student drops or changes a course, the grade earned in the original course will still stand in the gradebook.  


    The Math Department looks forward to another wonderful year at Broad Run High School. We encourage you to use our Schoology courses as well as the multitude of other sites as resources in your student’s learning.  We strive to see our students succeed in mathematics, so please do not hesitate to contact individual teachers if you have any questions or concerns.  Have a wonderful school year!  Go Spartans!  

Last Modified on August 28, 2020