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Library Check out and Policies
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"The book to read is not one which thinks for you,
 but the one which makes you think"
                                                                   James McCosh
Check Out
Students in kindergarten check out one book each week during their scheduled library time.
Students in first and second grade will check out two books every week.
Students in grades three, four and five will check out three books every week.
No one is ever charged a fee for overdue books.  Books that are lost or damaged are to be paid for with a check made out to SCES.  Lost and damaged books will be replaced ASAP.  If lost books that have been paid for are found, money will be returned, as long as the book has not already been replaced.
If a student has an overdue book it will come up on our computer as a block.  The student will not be able to check out any more books until the overdue one is returned.  With the return of the book, the computer will automatically remove the block. 
Last Modified on June 16, 2016