• Welcome to Reading and Math Intervention with Ms. Luoma!
    The objective of the reading program is for students to become competent, lifelong readers. Students are taught to develop skills and strategies needed to make sense of what they read. The students progress from learning the basics of alphabet recognition and letter sounds, to decoding words in context and working with spelling patterns, to mastering the complex comprehension skills necessary for understanding difficult content area texts. The reading specialist works with teachers, small groups, and individual students using a balanced literacy approach. The reading specialist will use shared readings, read alouds, guided reading, independent reading and writing to assist the students in becoming life long readers.
    To see what tests the students take to help our staff determine appropriate instructional strategise for students, please see our DRA/PALS page.
    One of the first steps toward academic achievement in math is mastery of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division math facts.  This, along with strengthening math understanding, is the role of the Math Interventionist.  Armed with that fluency in reciting the facts, students' have sufficeint brain power remaining to access new algorithms and concepts.  With the automatically-retrieved math facts and full understanding of math, these students are prepared to engage in the "language of STEAM," putting math to use as they Explore, Engage, and Engineer the world around them!
Last Modified on May 13, 2018