Advanced Guitar



    Dr. Michael Murphy

    E-mail:  michael.murphy@lcps.org

    Phone (main office):  (703) 957-4400



    Will be provided by instructor.


    Students will be required to provide:

    Classical Guitar (for practice at home)

    1 extra set of strings (for your guitar at home)

    Footstool or guitar support (in some cases a strap may be used)

    Tuner (optional)

    1 black three-ring binder (very important)


    Course Description:

    This class will concentrate mainly on classical guitar.  Students will learn to read music and they will learn basic music theory.  Good technique (sitting position, hand position) will be taught and used in the performance of all styles of music.



    Grading will be based on 4 minor summative assessments and 4 major summative assessments.  Each minor assessment will count as 5 percent and will total 20 percent of the quarter grade.  Each major assessment will count as 20 percent and will total 80 percent of the quarter grade.


    Class Rules:

    Class members must display an attitude of respect to the teacher and to fellow students at all times.

    No profanity.

    No gum.

    No food or drink other than bottled water.

    When the teacher is addressing the class there is to be no talking or guitar playing.

Last Modified on August 28, 2020