• Homework Policy- All Marketing Classes
    Marketing education classes place an emphasis on class group projects and cooperative team efforts - simulating the workplace.  This method helps students to develop human relations skills, leadership and teamwork skills, communication, and critical thinking skills. 
    Homework is typically not assigned in the marketing education courses, however, on occasion case studies, field interviews, and limited research may be assigned for out-of -class assignments.  Students are expected to review lecture notes and PPT slides that are posted on this website to prepare for quizzes and tests throughout the school year.
    A big emphasis is placed on classwork, group projects and class participation.  It is expected that students will have good attendance and work cooperatively with their groups to complete projects in class in order to receive a satisfactory grade.  If a student begins a project with a group but then misses more than one class block of collaborating with his or her group, the student will need to complete the project independently.
    Students with excessive absences may be assigned homework from a text or a handout to make up for classwork missed. 
Last Modified on August 15, 2016