Small Group Counseling

    Our Counselors will be providing an opportunity for students to participate in Small Group Counseling. Students can be self referred, parent referred or staff referred as a person who could benefit from joining one of our small groups. Groups will run 4-6 weeks throughout the school year. Further information regarding the groups that will be offered this school will be announced soon! 


    Here is a sample of groups that may be offered this school year. Our groups are subject to change based on the needs of our students this upcoming school year. 


    *Friendship/Social Skills Group

    To help students learn effective ways

    of developing and maintaining friendships


    *Changing Families Group

    To help students who are coping

    with separation, divorce or

    blended family


    *Anger Management

    To help students identify anger

    triggers and learn ways to manage




    To help students develop effective

    ways to cope with the loss of a

    loved one.


    *Stress management

    To help students identify stress

    in their lives and to identify

    effective coping strategies




Last Modified on January 22, 2020