• Vic Cortes

    I am very excited about being part of Sugarland Elementary School. This will be my eighteenth year teaching physical education in Loudoun County Public Schools and 15th year here at Sugarland.


    I have earned a masters degree in Adapted Physical Education from Indiana University, Bloomington, and a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology (Physical Education) with teacher preparation in all grades, also from Indiana University, Bloomington.


    As an athlete, I have participated in many sports, such as: tennis, racquetball, soccer, paddleball, football, wrestling and baseball. I am currently active playing tennis, racquetball and paddleball.


    As a Physical Education teacher my basic aim of Physical Education will be to provide the opportunity for activities that encourage and develop learning through movement. A well planned physical education program will not only enhance the children’s movement skills and their fitness, but it will also affect their cognitive and affective development as well. Children can become eager and fit movers as well as active learners if we promote an active way of life. On the other hand, given the opportunity, children can become self-discovering and cooperative learners. By promoting these goals teachers can use movement as a tool to enhance self-esteem and to clarify values, among other things.

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