• Digital Citizenship Resources

    Common Sense Media is an adopted curriculum used to teach students to safely, effectively, and ethically use technology in school and at home. Sterling's Instructional Facilitator, Technology, Miss Staples, and Librarian, Mrs. Weiner, are Common Sense certified educators in Digital Citizenship. Ms. Staples and Ms. Weiner collaborate with the guidance counselor, classroom and resource teachers, and administration to implement the Common Sense Media curriculum and educate and engage parents on the importance of using technology safely and responsibly. Through this process, Sterling Elementary has also become a Common Sense Certified School in Digital Citizenship. Below is the link to the Common Sense Media curriculum for parents.

     Common Sense Digital Media
     - Adopted curriculum for students to learn
        * Internet Safety
        * Privacy & Security
        * Relationships & Communication
        * Cyberbullying
        * Digital Footprint and Reputation
        * Self Image & Identity
        * Information Literacy
        * Creative Credit and Copyright
    - Click on Education tab to view lessons students are taught in each grade level.   
     > Watch this video for some ideas of things you can do to promote digital citizenship at home:  NetSafe Tips and Tools for Parents
    >Here are some guides created by the National Online Safety organization related to many different forms of social media. Before you have your children use a website or app, check out these resources to make sure you know the potential benefits and risks and to get helpful tips on how to make it safer for them.


Last Modified on February 28, 2019