• Bully Prevention
    Loudoun County Public Schools are implementing a county wide bullying prevention program to teach our students how to identify bullying behavior and appropriate ways to handle bullying.  Sterling Elementary is implementing this program in grades K-5 guidance lessons and activities. 
     What is Bullying?
    Bullying is behavior that is:
    • Repeated
    • Intentional
    • Has an imbalance of power
    Bullying is any act of aggression in the form of:
    • hitting or punching (physical bullying)
    • teasing or name-calling (verbal bullying)
    • intimidation using gestures or social exclusion (emotional bullying)
    • sending insulting messages by phone or computer (cyberbullying)
    "Stop, Walk, Talk"
    Every LCPS student will be taught how to respond to bullying behavior.  This 3 step program is called "Stop, Walk, Talk". 
    1. STOP-Students will be taught that if they experience or observe bullying behavior, they should tell the perpetrator to "stop".
    2. WALK-Sometimes, even when students tell others to "stop", the problem behavior continues.  When this happens, students are to "walk" away from the problem behavior.
    3. TALK- Even when students use "stop" and they "walk" away from the problem, sometimes the problem behavior still continues.  When that happens, students should "talk" to a trusted adult about what is happening.

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Last Modified on June 5, 2019