• Bully Prevention
    Loudoun County Public Schools are implementing a county wide bullying prevention program through second step to teach our students how to identify bullying behavior and appropriate ways to handle bullying.  Sterling Elementary is implementing this program in grades K-5 through counseling lessons and activities. 
    Students will learn to Recognize, Report and Refuse Bullying. 
    What is Bullying?
    Bullying is hurtful behavior, that is:
    • Repeated (in small amount of time)
    • Intentional
    • Has an imbalance of power 
    Students are taught that it is necessary to report bullying when they see it.  Students can identify trusted adults in school they can report to. We always encourage our students to communicate with their parents/ guardians as well. It is reinforced that students should report situations where someone is getting hurt. It is always okay to ask for help. We also encourage our students if they feel they or someone they know could be experiencing bullying, to complete the student buly report form located in their classrooms. 
    We work with students to use strong respectful words, to let others know that their behavior is hurtful, inappropriate, or unwanted.


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Last Modified on October 24, 2023