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    As part of the comprehensive school counseling program at Seldens Landing, we offer small groups for students three times a year beginning in October. These groups provide students with an opportunity to share concerns or issues they may have in common with peers, and learn and practice tools and strategies for their individual needs. 


    What groups are being offered?

    Groups are created based on immediate need, and possible topics include: Changing Families, Social Skills/Self-Empowerment, Stress Busters, Frustration Management, Self-Esteem and Academic Success.

    How are students referred?

    Students are referred for groups by teachers and administrators at school, at which point counselors follow up with parents for permission to attend. If you would like your child to be in a group, please contact us at the information below.

    When will groups meet?

    We create three sets of groups each year during the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters. The first round begins in late October, the second set begins mid-January, and a third round will begin mid-March. Groups will meet once a week for 6-8 sessions, normally during students' lunch times or at a point in the day that has been approved by teachers to not disrupt core instruction.  

    My child was referred for a group. Does that mean he/she is in trouble?

    The simple answer: absolutely not! Groups are designed to help children become happier, more successful students. Sometimes students are referred to groups so that they can improve upon skills that they already have. It is a great opportunity for children to collaborate with peers and make new friends!

    What can my child expect to do in a small group?

    Groups are designed to be fun and interactive. We will use games, role plays, movies, and team- building activities to teach skills and encourage discussion. Please note that these groups are not clinically therapeutic. Instead, they are educational in design, and geared towards children who are experiencing stresses that may hinder their academic or social growth.


    Please understand that we do our best to meet your child's needs, whether it is within a group or individually. Additionally, we are always able to provide information to parents and guardians about what is covered in group each week. 

     Additional questions? Please feel free to contact us at:

    Annie Brinker (Grades 1, 4, 5)  

    Amanda George (Grades K, 2, 3) 

     Seldens Landing Main Office: (571) 252-2260     |     Follow us on Twitter! @SLESCounselors