Loudoun County Public Schools implement a county-wide bullying prevention program utilizing the Second Step curriculum to teach our students how to identify bullying behavior and appropriate ways to handle bullying. Seldens Landing counselors incorporate this research-based program via grade K-5 counseling lessons and activities, while classroom teachers support the associated language, process and response using Recognize, Report & Refuse.

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    What is bullying?

    Bullying is an act of aggression in the form of:

    1. Hitting or punching (physical bullying)
    2. Teasing, name-calling or written insults (verbal bullying)
    3. Intimidation, using gestures or social exclusion (social/emotional or relational bullying)
    4. Sending insulting messages by phone or computer (cyber bullying)

    RMBBullying is an action that is: 

    1.  Repeated
    2.  Intentional
    3.  Has an imbalance of power 



    Our school's Bullying Prevention Coordinator is Uzma Askari, Assistant Principal. If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact Ms. Askari, or our school counselors, at the information below:

    • Uzma Askari, Assistant Principal
    • Annie Brinker  School Counselor (Grades 1, 4, 5)   
    • Amanda George School Counselor (Grades K, 2, 3)  
    • Seldens Landing Main Office: (571) 252-2260                                                                                                                                              

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