• We are thrilled to be working at Seldens Landing Elementary where school, community and family all play an integral role in our students' success.


    Our mission statement: 

    Seldens Landing Elementary's School Counseling Program implements a developmentally relevant, comprehensive curriculum to address the academic, career, and personal/social needs of all students. The program fosters the expectation that students will grow into thriving citizens with the support of their school, family and community. 

    Our vision statement:

    The vision of the Seldens Landing Elementary School Counseling Department is to support students in their unique strengths and needs, and to empower them to become lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and kind, conscientious citizens of the world.

    As counselors we will:

    • Teach classroom counseling lessons on a variety of topics
    • Work with students individually as needed and maintain confidentiality
    • Work with small groups of students with similar concerns
    • Consult with teachers about the needs of individual students
    • Communicate with parents and the community as student needs arise
    • Coordinate referrals to community agencies
    • Maintain a teacher/parent resource center in the counseling office
    • Offer lunch bunches for students that would like to eat lunch with the counselor
    • Provide parent education workshops and conferences as needed


    Families and students are always welcome to stop by our office to talk about any concerns. In order to give parents and guardians the time needed to discuss questions or concerns they may have, making an appointment is always best. We can be reached at the contact information below. Looking forward to a wonderful school year! 

    Annie Brinker (Grades 1, 4, 5)  annie.brinker@lcps.org     

    Amanda George (Grades K, 2, 3)  amanda.george@lcps.org  

     Seldens Landing Main Office: (571) 252-2260     |     Follow us on Twitter! @SLESCounselors