• Parent Liaison



    Mission and Background:

    A Parent Liaison is a parent employed by the school to help parents get the information and support they need to help their children to be academically and socially successful in school.  The mission of the Parent Liaison Program is to empower parents by assisting with communication between school and home and positively influencing student achievement. 


    What can the Parent Liaison do for me?  

    The Parent Liaison's primary role is to assist parents in taking an active role in their child’s education by empowering parents to help their children by:  

    • Helping with parent-school communication.
    • Helping with community agency referrals.
    • Encouraging parent involvement in school.
    • Promoting higher student achievement through positive relationships between parents and school personnel.


    A Parent Liaison can:  

    • Help organize meetings between you and your child’s teacher or other staff to discuss your concerns, share information and understand your point of view.
    • Accompany you to these meetings to help clarify issues that may arise.  If you need an interpreter, the Parent Liaison can arrange one for you to communicate with your child’s teacher.  

    If you as a parent or guardian have concerns about your child’s academic performance, unclear of your role in the educational process or require assistance with community resources, contact: Parent Liaison.


    All contacts will be treated confidentially.  


    Who can request Parent Liaison Services?  

    The Parent Liaison's assistance may be requested by:  

    • Parent
    • Teacher
    • Guidance Counselor
    • School Administrator
    • School Nurse  


    Special Help and Services  

    Your Parent Liaison can provide:  

    • Information for specific services or agencies you may need for your child or family.
    • Valuable information about school procedures, instructional programs and the names and roles of administrators and staff members.


    How can I contact the Parent Liaison?  

    • Call the school office 571-252-2260 and leave a message for Dawn Walter.
    • Leave a message in the Parent Liaison mailbox in the office.
    • Email the Parent Liaison.