• Website Registration and Subscriptions for Parents

    email symbolAs a part of our effort to "Go Green" at Seldens Landing, we will be posting as much information on our web site as possible to cut down on the use of paper.  Parents can now subscribe to receive automated notifications through e-mail when updates or changes are made to our Web site, including when the monthly school newsletter has been posted. We will no longer collect email addresses to send the newsletter electronically.

    You can receive E-Alerts for announcements that are made on the Web site including the monthly newsletter, when additions are made to the Seldens Landing Calendar, Announcements, when teachers post information on their pages, and emergency announcements or changes in event scheduling.

    To register for this free automated service, which you have full control over, please follow these quick steps:

    1.   Visit the Seldens Landing home page at https://www.lcps.org/Page/57972.

    2.   Click Register on the home page in the top right corner of the screen.

    3.   Fill in the form. The yellow fields are required. You may choose your own user name (as long as it’s not already in use) and password. Submit and it will confirm your registration and prompt you to login.

    4.   Login using the information you just created for sign-in name and password.

    5.   On the top right a new button will appear saying Access My Info; click on it.

    6.   Scroll to the bottom and select the option Edit Subscriptions. On the Subscriptions page, change the drop down menu at the top to Seldens Landing Elementary where it now says Loudoun County Public Schools. Wait; the screen will refresh and you can make selections to which pages on the Seldens Landing site you wish to subscribe. Be sure to check the following to keep in touch:

    • Seldens Landing Home Page
    • Your child’s grade level page (includes Grade level 9-week plan)
    • PE, Music, Art
    • Seldens Landing Calendar
    • Newsletter
    • Your child’s teacher’s section
    • Check any others you wish to receive E-Alerts
    7.   Optional: To Subscribe to various RSS feeds, go to the that section on the site and follow the instructions.
    Please note that you will only get an E-mail when the web site editor, or the teacher sends an E-Alert to let you know when something important has been posted.