Briar Woods High School Philosophy of Instrumental Music:
    Music is a subject, which affects all sides of a student’s personality.  This includes the intellectual, the physical, the emotional, the psychological, and the social. The title of our band as an organization is “The Falcon Regiment”. The name describes a performance group that will have an individual identity that is unique in the band community. “Falcon” describes our pride in being an important member of Briar Woods High School, and “Regiment” describes our discipline and work ethic that we will engage in as members of a premier performance ensemble. In the Briar Woods Band, over 200 students are leaders and have a strong sense of ownership and "Esprit de Corps"- (Doing what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, whether you want to do it or not).

    Instrumental Music Education, including the Falcon Regiment Marching Band, symphonic ensembles, jazz bands, percussion and choreography ensembles such as our “Falconaires”, teaches the appreciation of music as an art form.  It engages students in a group activity, which allows them to use their free time constructively.  Instrumental music creates in students a sense of cultural awareness as well as an aesthetic awareness of life.  It instills proper values, among which are: responsibility, seriousness of purpose, devotion to duty, spirit of cooperation, and sensitivity to beauty.  It develops proper work habits through the academic self-discipline of its curriculum and a daily practice routine.  It develops the ability of self-expression and develops intelligent listening skills, which foster greater communication.  It provides the proper vehicle for the support of a school’s Athletic Program, which helps to establish a positive and enthusiastic school spirit. Through cooperation by parents, students and the Loudoun County Public Schools, our program is designed to meet the needs of all students.

    Discipline, Pride and Commitment to Excellence.
    Every part of your participation in the Band must contain these three elements. Whether practicing your instrument, behaving properly on a trip, or wearing a uniform representing Briar Woods High School, these three elements are our backbone and make us what we are – The Falcon Regiment. This year, we have the opportunity and responsibility to CONTINUE the tradition of superior performances, and respect that we established in our first 8 years.  The belief that external discipline creates internal discipline is crucial to taking “ownership” of our great band program. You must have a desire to succeed in what you do.  Pride is respecting yourself and others around you.  Pride is a state of mind.  A person’s quality of life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence - whatever their field of endeavor. The band at BWHS will continue to lead and shape the direction of our world-class high school.
Last Modified on September 18, 2019