Need help finding Appropriately Leveled Books?

    Parents should ask the classroom teacher for their child’s independent reading level and secure books at this level for their child to read. Two good websites to find lists of leveled text are:


    1. http://home.comcast.net/~ngiansante/

    This web site provides a list of books leveled by guided reading level. Refer to the chart below to convert DRA levels to the corresponding guided reading level.

    1. http://bookwizard.scholastic.com/tbw/homePage.do

    This web site provides the reading level of all scholastic books. Specify the reading level system "DRA" in the upper right corner of the page; do a "quick search" of a title to check the DRA level. Customize a search for books by DRA level, subject, and genre or search for similar books at the DRA level needed.