• Fifth Grade Music - An Overview  

       In Fifth Grade Music students review, practice, and extend their knowledge and skills in the basic elements of music: rhythm, melody, harmony, form, expression, and timbre.  Students will read and write rhythmic patterns containing quarter, eighth, half, whole, and sixteenth notes and rests.  They experience and identify music in duple and triple meter, and learn how to use the metric counting system (ie "1-and 2-and 3-e-and-a 4").   Students practice reading and writing notation on the music staff, and learn to identify the different clefs.

       In addition to these concepts and skills students study the four instrument families in the orchestra, and learn to identify individual instruments by sight, sound, and characteristics.  This unit prepares them to determine what music class they want to take in the sixth grade as well as which instrument they want to play if they join band or orchestra. 


    Quarter 1  This quarter students will learn several spoken rhymes that focus on Form, Rhythmic Ostinatos, and Improvisation. In anticipation of future discussions about their music course options in 6th grade, students will learn about the String family of instruments and listen to a variety of performances. They will also develop their singing skills and put those skills to work as they learn patriotic songs for Veterans Day.


    Quarter 2  This quarter the focus will be on learning songs for Veterans Day and December holidays, as well as exploring their music course options for 6th grade. They will continue to develop an awareness of their own singing and how they can improve. In January they will focus in on their 4 options for music in 6th grade and will learn about each of the band and string instruments. NOTE: Students will sign up for their 6th grade music course during Music with Mrs. Briscoe. We will do this together, in class, in late January. 


    Quarter 3  At the beginning of this quarter, students will register in StudentVue for their 6th grade music course. They will learn to read 16th note rhythm patterns, including syncopated patterns. These rhythm patterns will show up in new songs such as Tideo24 Robbers, and Sambalele. For fun, they will also learn a cup-passing game to play with This Old Man, which also includes sixteenth note rhythm patterns.


    Quarter 4  During their last quarter of elementary school students will prepare songs to perform at their 5th Grade Promotion ceremony. They will review good singing habits and learn to sing a 2-part song in harmony!  They will continue to practice reading rhythm and learn about metric counting, a skill used in middle school. Another important skill they will review is reading note names on the Treble Clef music staff.