• 2nd Grade Music - An Overview

       Second grade is a very exciting year in music!  This year, students will focus on basic elements of music, including: rhythm, melody, harmony, texture, form, expression, and timbre.  Throughout the entire year we will focus on developing a tonally sound singing voice in preparation for our first show.  Students will also learn what it is like to play together as a music ensemble using many different instruments.  Ask your child to share with you some of the songs they are learning in music class!


    Quarter 1 The focus of this quarter is to establish procedures and routines for the Music classroom, and to review and reinforce concepts learned in previous years. Students will learn a variety of songs and rhymes and review steady beat and melody. They will sing seasonal songs including patriotic songs for Veterans Day.


    Quarter 2  The focus of this quarter is to practice the behaviors of a musician: listening, performing, and collaborating. Students will learn songs for holidays including Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and December holidays. They will work on their singing skills with patriotic songs and learn about how the Star-Spangled Banner (our National Anthem) was written. With the song Bounce High Bounce Low they will practice keeping the steady beat and identifying the difference between steady beat and rhythm. They will read,  perform, and notate rhythm patterns containing "Ta" ti-ti" and "rest".


    Quarter  The focus of third quarter is to expand students' rhythm knowledge and continue to improve their rhythm skills. They will read, perform, and notate 8-beat rhythm patterns with "Ta" ti-ti" and "rest" as well as new rhythm notes: half note and whole note. They will also review melodic patterns: "So-Mi" "La-So-Mi" and "Mi-Re-Do".  In early spring they will start working on the music for their 2nd Grade show!


    Quarter 4 The focus of fourth quarter is their 2nd Grade show, which they will perform in early May. As they practice their show songs they will learn basic singing skills: posture, breathing, and head voice. In addition to working on their show, they will review melodic patterns containing "La," "So" and "Mi" and add "Re" and "Do".  They will learn to identify familiar melodic patterns on the 3-line music staff.