All About Art Classhands

    Tell me about art class…

        Students in grades 1 thru 5 receive art once a week for 55 minutes. Kindergarten students receive art once a week for half an hour. Students will experience drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpting, assembling and imaging. They will be exposed to a variety of artists and styles of Art. Students will be encouraged to use problem solving skills, creativity and their imagination to create unique artwork. They will also experience creating art projects which reflect countries studied in the classroom.

    Art Rules...

        Student are expected to follow the art rules to ensure safety and a fun learning environment for all students.

                                  Art Rulesartist girl

       1.  Come in and sit down quietly.

      2.  Share and care for art materials.

      3.  Talk quietly with those at your table.

      4.  Respect others artwork and your own.

      5.  Keep your area and the art room clean.



    Grading in Art Class...
         Students are graded on Skill in art class. Grades are not based on talent but reflect the students ability to incorporate the targets of the lesson in their artwork. Students are encouraged to think creatively beyond the targets of the lesson. It is important that all students try their best on all art projects. Missed assignments due to absence are exempt from grading if make up is impractical. Students are expected to respect the art materials, their art project and their classmates.
    Target chart
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