Mr. Eric Turrill's Published Articles & Webinars

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    "Tips for Teaching Disc Golf in Physical Education" - GOPHER Webinar - Summer 2018 
    "Hey...You in the Green" - Fall 2008 VAHPERD
    "Bicycle Safety Rodeo" - Fall 2008 - www.pecentral.com - Best Practices
    "Be Annoying" - Fall 2006 - www.pecentral.com - Lesson Ideas
    "If You Had Fun, You Won." - Fall 2002 VAHPERD 

    Integration in Physical Education

    Mr. Mark Pankau from Guilford Elementary and myself do presentations around the state to physical education specialists and classroom teachers to provide guidance on how to integrate movement into the classroom. Mr. Pankau will give a presentation on how the brain functions, based on research findings, in regards to how students learn and why our students need to get up and move. I provide activities and games for the teachers that reinforce the concepts already "taught". I started to say "learned", but the beauty of us working together, classroom and physical education, is that maybe the concept isn't learned yet. For some  students, having the opportunity to experience the concept through a visual or kinesthetic approach is the key to them better understanding and in turn learning the concepts. Here is a link to my book, in progress.


    Presentations on the topic of Educating Physically

    • 2008 Rappohanok Community Colloge
    • 2007 James Madison University
    • 2007 Countryside Elementary School Teachers
    • 2007 Loudoun County Summer School Teachers
    • 2001-2006: VAHPERD Conferences
    • August 2003 - 2007: Loudoun County, VA to Elementary Physical Education Specialists
    • July 2005-2 007: Glouster County, VA to Elementary, Middle, & High School Classroom Teachers
    • March 2004: Loudoun County, VA to Elementary Classroom Teachers
    • July 2003: Wise County, NC to Elementary Physical Education Specialists
    • May 2002: Sanders Corner Elementary classroom teachers
    • 2000-2002: Sanders Corner Elementary Faculty Meetings
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