Dear Future Fourth Grade Parents,

    We are so excited to meet our new class of students in the fall! Fourth grade holds so much in store for them: an entire year of Virginia Studies to learn about the history and geography of our state, multi-digit multiplication and long division, coding with Lego eV3 robots and Minecraft EDU, PBL projects, Google Classroom, flexible seating and tables, and so much more!


    We have created the supply list for next year, and it is listed below. The fourth-grade team does have a few requests, however. Please DO NOT send in any binders, pencil boxes, glittery notebooks, personal pencil sharpeners or cute fidget spinners/eraser/toys. These items will be sent back home on the first day. We use the majority of the supplies as community supplies and can only fit a small number of materials inside classroom bins. Optionally, students may bring in a SMALL pencil bag to hold any special pencils or erasers, but we cannot take responsibility for lost items. We know that students love to have cute supplies, but the less-fancy ones are often best and longer-lasting. Students can decorate notebooks and folders with markers and stickers as the year goes on.  The school supply list for fourth grade sounds very specific, but please don't worry about specific brands or details.  When our school-supply box company creates the list, they include name-brands and specific details on their own supplies.  To see the fourth-grade teacher-created list, look below.


    The fourth grade math curriculum is very rigorous. There is a lot of material that is covered at a fairly quick pace. To make sure that your child is well prepared, please practice multiplication and division facts with your child this summer. Ideally, the students should know all math facts up to the 12s table, and be able to recite the answers at a quick pace.  Reflex Math will still be available over the summer to current Round Hill students, and this is a great resource for math facts! 


    Please have your child read regularly, preferably 20 minutes a day, to avoid the summer slide. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume would be a great start!


    Now that you officially have a 4th grader, you can take advantage of the Every Kid in a Park, which allows 4th graders and their families free entry into every National Park. Check out the details on the National Park webpage. https://www.everykidinapark.gov/


    The first day of school is August 27.



    Mrs. Eisenhower, Mrs. Hollar, Mrs. Jewell, and Mr. Lawson

    The Fourth Grade Team


    5 Marble Composition Book...  NO GLITTER

    4 Pocket Folders (YELLOW, BLUE, GREEN, RED)... NO GLITTER

    • paper folders are okay, but plastic lasts all year

    Kleenex Box

    36 Pre-sharpened Pencils

    • any brand, but Ticonderoga sharpen the best

    1 Red Pen

    24ct. Crayons

    1 highlighter

    4 glue sticks

    1 antibacterial wipes container

    1 pkg. wide-lined notebook paper

    6 black dry-erase markers

    Personal earbuds (to stay at school)

    12 ct. Colored Pencils

    300 Post-it notes (3" square size)

    3 pkg. Lined index cards

    SMALL pencil pouch (optional)... NO PENCIL BOXES

    8 ct. washable markers

    BOYS: Gallon-size zipper Bags

    GIRLS: Sandwich-size Ziploc bags

Last Modified on June 9, 2020