• Our library has several rules designed to help students get the materials they need in a timely fashion.
    Circulation Policies:
    *All students visit the library once each week for a half hour class session.
    *Teachers may sign up for additional library time when they are working on a special project.
    *Classes that miss their regular library time because of a holiday, snow day, or special event will be rescheduled whenever possible.
    *Books may be checked out for two weeks before they are considered overdue. 
    *Students are welcome to renew books for a maximum for four times, with the exception of books that are in high demand.
    *Reference materials may be checked out for one day, used at school, and returned at the end of the day.
    *Students, teachers, and staff can place a hold on a requested item.
    *Lost or damaged items must be paid for.
    *Students are always welcome in the library between 7:30 and 3:10 to exchange books, even if their class isn't scheduled to visit the library that day.
    Grade level policies:
    *Kindergarten students may check out one book each.
    *First grade students may check out two books each.
    *Students in grades 3-5 may check out three books each.
    *Students in grades 3-5 may check out one magazine each.
    *Students working on special projects may be granted permission to check out additional books.
    *Teachers may have a maximum of 500 items checked out to them at one time.
    *Parents are welcome to check out library books as well.
    Non Print Materials:
    *Our library has four student computers and three IPACs.
    * Students and community members are welcome to use the library computers to find materials, take Accelerated Reader tests, and conduct research using the internet.
    *Videos and DVDs may be checked out by staff members for two weeks at a time.
    *The library can arrange to borrow videos and materials from the Instructional Media Center, as well as other libraries.  Just ask!
    *The library has three DVD players that may be checked out for use.
    *The library has digital cameras and video cameras that may be checked out for use by staff members.
    *The library can also broadcast videos school wide.  Please see the librarian to schedule a broadcast.
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Last Modified on September 22, 2005