Mr. Gall
Sporty Day
  • I love being part of the Potowmack Elementary School community. I’ve taught for Loudoun County Public Schools for the past 14 years. Prior to that, I taught for 6 years in my home state of Connecticut.

    This year is going to be an exciting year as we will be continuing Personalized Learning. It's going to be a terrific opportunity to enhance our learning and build valuable skills for the future.

    I earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Central Connecticut State University in Elementary Education with a concentration in history and social sciences. Additionally, I earned a Masters Degree in instructional technology from Western Connecticut State University. Besides that, I am constantly learning new ways to improve my teaching. Whether it be from books, colleagues, or classes since teaching is learning.

    I live in Sterling with my wife, son, and daughter. We are always doing fun things together. If you see us out at the ball field, playground, library, or hiking trails, make sure to say hello.

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Last Modified on February 1, 2020