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    Loudoun County Public Schools has implemented a county wide bullying prevention program.  This program is designed to teach students how to identify bullying behavior and appropriate ways to handle bullying.  Potowmack ES presented this program during K-5 counseling lessons and activities. Every LCPS student in grades K-5 was taught what bullying is and how to respond to bullying behavior.  The 3 step program is called "Stop, Walk, Talk".



     Students are taught that if they experience or observe bullying behavior they should tell the perpetrator to "STOP."

    Sometimes, even when students tell others to "STOP," problem behavior continues.  When this happens, students are to "WALK" away from the problem behavior.

    Even when students use "STOP" and they "WALK" away from the problem, sometimes students will continue to behave inappropriately toward them.  When that happens, students should "TALK" to an adult.
    What you can expect staff at your child's school to do about bullying.
    1. School staff will immediately investigate bullying.  After investigating your concerns, you will be informed as to what the plan is to prevent future bullying.
    2. Staff will meet with your child to learn about the bullying that he/she has experienced.  Together a plan will be developed to help your child stay safe and watchful for any further bullying.  Educators will assure your child that they will work hard to see that the bullying stops.
    3. Give the school a reasonable amount of time to investigate and hear both sides of the story.  Sometimes, a child who bullies will make false allegations about a child as an additional way of bullying them.  Educators should not jump to hasty conclusions and assign blame without a thorough assessment of the situations.  The issue will be resolved as soon as possible.  Please see the parent resources section for suggested resources.
    Please feel free to contact our school counselors, Ms. Gerber (K, 1, 4, & 5) or Ms. Peterson (2-5), for any information or concerns at (571) 434-3270.  You can also visit the LCPS website and go to the School Counseling Services section for more information.

Bullying Prevention

  • Bully Prevention

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Last Modified on March 25, 2020