LCPS Reading Program Mission
    The mission of the reading program in Loudoun County Public Schools is to teach all students to read and comprehend texts to become independent readers, lifelong learners, and confident citizens for the 21st century.  
    Pathways to Reading and Writing
    LCPS has a Comprehensive Literacy Program that uses multiple instructional structures within a workshop model to teach literacy.  The Pathways to Reading and Writing program provides kindergarten through fifth grade teachers with a consistent, research and strategies based framework for reading and writing instruction.  The program incorporates the skills of spelling, writing, phonics, phonological awareness, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.  Teachers use a variety of approaches to provide students with specific skills to become better readers and writers.
    The Role of the Reading Specialist
    The reading specialists in Loudoun County Public Schools serve multiple roles.  These roles include tasks such as coordinating the literacy program in their school, supporting teachers through co-teaching and coaching, overseeing literacy assessment, and providing direct instruction to those students experiencing diffuclty in reading.

    Mrs. Sewell, Mrs. Herr and Ms. Turman


Last Modified on August 22, 2023