• Art at Potowmack Elementary

    The art program at Potowmack is a powerful tool for teaching children the value and impact of personal choice. Many challenges children face in the art room have multiple solutions from which to choose from, lacking the traditional "right" and "wrong". This is the joy of art! This room is a special space to celebrate multiple perspectives, nurture inventive thinking, and foster growth.

    Through the art education program here at Potowmack, students learn about art production, art history, and many ways of critically looking at and valuing artwork. The theme in art this year will be "art around the world". Together we will learn and discover more about different painting, weaving, printmaking, and sculptural techniques from many different cultures worldwide.

    Art Class is held once a week in 50-minute sessions for grades K- 5. In the art room, we follow the Virginia Standards of Learning for Visual Arts Education.
Last Modified on June 7, 2023