Our Communications 
      There are several ways to keep informed of our happenings.
    1.  Parents, you will have the opportunity to keep in touch with other parents from our classroom through our Class Directory.  When the request is made for your contact information, I hope you will add yourself to our list.  This will allow you to contact each other once the directory is created.
    2. I have an Important Note tub in the classroom, where students and parents can leaves notes and messages to me regarding school, transportation, etc. Each student will be issued a communication folder and agenda to keep notes and assignments inside so that they do not get lost. Students will be taught how to organize and manage these. One of our most important goals is to teach responsibility.  This is achieved when students form the habit of keeping their agendas up to date and delivering important messages from home to school and back again. 
    3.  In the 2019-2020 school year, we have a secret FB page for our class.  Each parent receives an invitation to join, but you must provide an email or your current FB information to me to be invited.  Be sure to send your email information to me--  monica.k.thompson@lcps.org --  Once inside, you will be able to post and view our site.   It is my desire to be able to include photos on the site, but everyone will need to give permission in order to do so.  The site is not  open for public viewing.  At the end of the school year, the site will be archived and although you may always return and look at what's there, new posts cannot be entered.
    4. The most common form of communication will be through our PNB Phoenix Report Card website.  I like to do class news and updates by using it.  Since it will come to you in the form of an email, you will have the opportunity to respond to me and it will go straight to my email.  Please note when I send an group email, you will not be able to see the other recipients, nor will they see you.  It will appear that it is coming just to you.  I will post Group Update or News in the subject line when it is beign addressed to everyone.  I hope this helps when you are scanning your email.
                      Resting in the Mountain  
    Thanks for visiting here.   
    It will be great getting to know you and your family! 
    May we strive to keep in touch and do all we can do to help our children
    become all that they are meant to be. 
    Ms. Thompson
      Happy Spring!