I WISH FOR...  wish

    Teacher’s Name:     Erica Kolesar

    Favorite Music:     Classic Rock

    Favorite Movie:     Anything New at the Theater

    Favorite Sweet:    Pull & Peel Cherry Licorice/Reese's Cups/Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Caramel Squares
    I would like to have:   A fun night outJ       

    I have too many of:    School Supplies and School Related Items

    Favorite Gift Card to have:   Dulles Mall/Fair Oaks Mall



                                                 Red Lobster

                                                 Olive Garden

                                                 Glory Days

                                                 Ruby Tuesdays


    Favorites:    Traveling

                       Eating Out

                       Going to the Movies


                       Going to Costco
    ***Allergic to flowers!!!
    ***Does not like Coffee/Tea