• World History and Geography: 1500 AD to the Present

    (World History II)


    Briar Woods High School grading policy

    A+       98-100             4.3

    A         93-97               4.0

    A-        90-92               3.7

    B+       87-89               3.3

    B         83-86               3.0

    B-        80-82               2.7

    C+       77-79               2.3

    C         73-76               2.0

    C-        70-72               1.7

    D+       67-69               1.3

    D         63-66               1.0

    D-        60-62               0.7

    F          59 & Below     0.0


    Course Description:

                The students will learn and improve skills in historical research and geographical analysis by identifying, analyzing, and interpreting primary and secondary sources to make generalizations about events and life in world history since 1500 AD.  Using maps, globes, artifacts, and pictures to analyze the physical and cultural landscapes of the world and to interpret the past since 1500 AD.  Identifying geographic features important to the study of world history, identifying and comparing contemporary political boundaries with the locations of civilizations, empires, and kingdoms from 1500 AD to the present, and analyzing trends in human migration and cultural interactions form 1500 AD to the present. 



    Units for World History II


    1.                  Renaissance,Trade, Relligions, Reformation 

    2.                  Non Western Empires (Ottomans, Mughal India, China, Japan, Africa)

    3.                  Age of Discovery and Exploration

    4.                  European Politics, Society, and Absolutism

    5.                  The Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment

    6.                  The French Revolution

    7.                  Industrial Revolution

    8.           Imperialism

    9.                   World War I, Russian Revolution

    10.              Inter War Period, World War II

    12.              Cold War

    12.              Post World War II Independence Movements

    13.              Modern World


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