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Rules and Procedures for Mr. Weaver’s US History, WHI and WHII Classes


  • All assignments, including tests, not turned in on time are zeros until turned in, even if you are absent.  It is your responsibility to keep track of your own grade


  • Any time you are late to class; 2 points will be taken off your classroom management grade of 35 points.


  • Any time you do not have a writing utensil for class and need to borrow one from me, 2 points will be taken off your classroom management grade


  • Any time you do not have your notebook 2 points will be taken off your classroom management grade of 35


  • Any time I hear inappropriate language 2 points will be take off your classroom management grade of 35


  • Any cell phone, I-pod or camera out during class with out permission will be taken.


  • My desk is off limits; do not take any item from my desk without permission


  • If you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to make up all missed work and notes.  All missed assignments are on the side of the classroom in the folder marked WHI/ WHII/ US


  • If you miss a test, you have until the next test to make it up, if it is not made up by then, you will be given an alternate form of the test, to make up a test see me to get a pass to the testing center


  • There is no food or drink allowed in the classroom with the exception of water in plastic bottles only.


  • If students are caught cheating on tests or other assignments, that student will be given a zero.  If students are copying off each other both students will be given zeros.


  • All students are required to have a three ring binder with lined paper.  A “Unit Organizer” will be given out and placed into the notebook along with all other handouts and notes.  The unit organizer will contain the schedule for the unit, the test date, and the SOL objectives for that unit.  Random notebook checks will be done throughout the year to make sure all notebooks are in proper order.




  • At the beginning of every unit a vocabulary list is given out, the vocab must be completed and turned in on the day of the test.  All vocabulary must be hand written, numbered, and on a separate sheet of paper, any vocab that is typed or on the vocab list will be counted as half credit.


  • Homework not turned in on time will receive a grade of zero. However, students will be given the opportunity to make up assignments for up to 60% credit by completing and turning in. Any homework assignment turned in to me before I leave at the end of the day is considered on time.  The final deadline for all assignments is the end of the nine weeks, assignments will not be accepted after the nine weeks are over


  • All in class assignments are due at the stated time, after I collect them they are counted as 60%


  • No assignment can be turned in over e-mail, or turned in by mommies and daddies, you are big boys and girls now so you can do it by yourself


  • If you are here on test day you will take the test, the SOL do not get pushed back for absences and neither do tests


  • Before anyone leaves the classroom all papers must be picked up off the floor, all glue, markers, colored pencils, and crayons must be put in their place, and all desks must be back in order.  If markers or colored pencils that are left on the floor, there will be a one-page paper for each item I have to pick up.


  • When the class uses computers anybody on a website they should not be visiting (myspace, facebook, unauthorized e-mails, games, etc) will get a warning and then the next time they are caught they will lose the privilege of using the computer. 


  • If you don’t care enough to put your name on your paper, I don’t care enough to grade it.  All nameless papers will be put in the nameless basket and given a zero in Phoenix, if you notice that, look in the nameless basket and place your name on it and hand it to me. 


  • Extra credit opportunities will be given at the beginning of certain units.  A list of movies will be given out and you will write a 3-page paper including a plot summary of the movie, whether or not you liked the movie, why you liked it or did not like it, and what is historically accurate about the movie and what is made up by Hollywood.  All sources must be cited with in-text citations and a bibliography page at the end according to MLA format or Chicago format, in Times New Roman and 12 size and standard margins of 1 inch all around.  This is worth a maximum of 15 points and only 1 movie can be done per unit unless otherwise stated. 




Last Modified on August 18, 2016