• Third Quarter Nine Weeks Plan
    -Continue practice with basic division

    -Geometry: 3D figures, line segments and angles, congruent and symmetrical   

      figures, patterns
    -Identify and compare fractions using concrete materials
    -Add and subtract fractions with like denominators
    -Money: count sets of coins and bills and make change for up to $5.00




    -Animal adaptations

    -Food chains

    -Animal Cycles


    Social Studies

    -Ancient Cultures: Mali, Greece and Rome



    Language Arts

    -Oral language:

              The student will use effective communication skills in group activities.

              The student will present brief oral reports.



              The student will:

                        Use knowledge of homophones.

                        Use context to clarify meaning of unfamiliar words.

                        Make, confirm, or revise predictions.

                        Identify the author's purpose.

                        Organize information and events logically.

                               Develop non-fiction reading comprehension through informational reading and research.

                        Use dictionary, glossary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, and other reference books.



              The student will write legibly in cursive.

              The student will develop informational writing skills through writer's workshop.

              The student will write stories, letters, simple explanations, and short reports across all content areas.

              The student will revise and edit writing.



Last Modified on December 14, 2016