• Welcome to the School Counseling Team
    School Counselors
    The elementary school counseling program is an integral piece of the total school program.  Our stated objective is to maximize the potential of each and every student here at Mountain View by working closely with our students, their parents, teachers, and administrators.  Our program consists of three major components which are used to accomplish these goals:
    • Counselors conduct guidance lessons on a regular basis in the classroom.
    • Counselors will also work with students individually upon request.  Individual counseling is short term, usually consisting of three weekly sessions.  These sessions are voluntary, confidential, and require parental permission.
    • Counseling is also conducted in small groups of six to eight students upon request and when deemed appropriate.  Groups meet for thirty minutes once a week for a period of six to eight weeks.  Just as in individual counseling, this is confidential and requires prior parental approval.
    Topics that might be discussed in any of the above counseling setting include: character education such as repect, responsibliity, citizenship and kindness and teamwork, bullying, social skills, friendship skills, anger management, peer pressure, conflict resolution, self-esteem, career awareness, and test taking strategies as well as organizational and study skills.
    Additionally we will be continuing many of last year's successful programs.  They include:
    • Mentor program with Woodgrove High School students called Peer Pals
    • PBIS Support and Implementation
    • Character Educaton
    • Bully Prevention Program


Last Modified on September 11, 2018